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At Alaska Accident and Injury Law Center of the Brown Law Firm, LLC, we advocate for and represent clients or their family members after they become physically and emotionally traumatized due to the acts of another individual or business entity.

Each case is unique and involves knowledge of the frequent changes in the law and the details surrounding the case. Attorney Sean Brown is thoroughly familiar with Alaska, specifically the Western Alaska area, and clients who believe they have a claim should contact the office immediately.

Sexual Assault and Abuse Cases

Victims of sexual assault and abuse may be able to bring a civil suit against their assailant. Compensation for physical damages, medical expenses, lost income, loss of enjoyment of life, loss of consortium, and other pain and suffering may be awarded to the victim. As sexual assault and family abuse are sensitive legal areas, they require a level of ethics and tenacity that Sean Brown brings to every case.

Car Crashes

Even the most safety-conscious drivers can be injured in car crashes. Car accidents are the most common personal injury cases we see. Collisions can become complicated, causing physical, emotional, and financial damages. Proving liability and negotiating with the insurance company to receive the full amount of compensation you deserve requires a skilled and dedicated personal injury attorney.

Motorcycle Crashes

Motorcycle crashes can be devastating since the victim is less protected than when operating other vehicles. Injuries from motorcycle crashes are statistically more likely to be fatal than car crashes. When the injuries are not fatal, it often takes months or years and extensive medical treatment to recover. Experienced personal injury attorneys can help you receive the compensation you deserve to address your damages — physically, financially, and emotionally.

Maritime Matters

With fishing and cruise lines as primary revenue sources for the state, maritime matters are of the utmost importance. Maritime workers or Seamen do not qualify for traditional Workers’ Compensation and are excluded from the Longshore and Harbors Workers’ Compensation Act, but they can pursue their claim under maritime law or the Jones Act. If you’ve been injured offshore, you deserve compensation for your damages. A knowledgeable lawyer like Sean Brown can help those injured obtain rightful compensation for maintenance and cure as provided by General Maritime Law and the Jones Act.

Aviation Crashes

As a primary mode of transportation into more densely populated locations, small engine plane crashes regularly occur. Unfortunately, proving liability can be quite difficult and complicated. Alaska weather can quickly change from clear to wind, rain, clouds, and snow, making flying in Alaska quite dangerous. As aviation is a necessity for travel to areas that are not connected by roads and pilots must navigate the tricky terrain of glaciers, mountains, and waterways, often relying on ground visibility to navigate, accidents happen more often in Alaska than in the lower 48. To get the compensation you deserve, you need a knowledgeable and experienced lawyer in Alaska to handle your claim successfully.

Other Personal Injury Cases

The Alaska Accident and Injury Law Center litigates several other types of personal injury cases, including bicycle and pedestrian injuries, dog bites, and even the wrongful death of a loved one.

The compensation for each depends on how much physical and emotional damage the person endured, the immediate and ongoing expense incurred, and whether the courts determine if they are likely to recover. Each case is different and deserves the time and attention of a dedicated, experienced personal injury attorney. If you’ve been injured, don’t wait to contact the Accident and Injury Law Center of The Brown Law Firm, LLC at 907-222-9900. We want to help you.

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