Anchorage Personal Injury Attorney

If you need help in getting full and fair compensation for the injuries you’ve suffered and tackle negotiations with the insurance companies, we can provide help and legal counsel.

Sean Brown, a personal injury lawyer in Anchorage, AK, has represented dozens of individuals whose lives have been permanently or temporarily changed as a result of an Alaska personal injury.


What Is a Personal Injury and How Can Anchorage Personal Injury Lawyers Help?

Personal injury is a legal term that includes different injuries to a person’s body, emotions, or reputation. It’s often used to refer to a civil lawsuit that a victim of an action or an incident can file to get a fair settlement for her or his losses stemming from that accident.

Personal injury claims can be brought on different grounds. For example, if an individual fails to behave with the expected level of care, a claim can be brought on the grounds of negligence. Other bases for these claims include strict liability and wrongs resulting from intentional acts.

Vehicle accidents, workplace accidents, accidents involving defective products, medical malpractice, as well as the infliction of emotional distress on purpose, and defamation are all different situations from which personal injury claims can arise. In case the plaintiff is successful in the lawsuit, she or he will get financial damages for suffered injuries and for the losses they have incurred while treating them.

Injuries resulting from an accident such as a car accident can be very serious. For example, victims of car accidents may suffer from head trauma, neck injuries, back injuries, broken bones, dislocated joints, and other serious injuries. Bear in mind that those who suffer a serious injury may need extensive medical treatment in order to recover. They may be unable to work during that time and struggle to make ends meet.

As a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer, Sean Brown’s goal is to hold responsible parties accountable for their negligent and wrongful conduct. He represents clients throughout Alaska who have been injured due to someone else’s negligence.


Our Personal Injury Lawyer in Anchorage, AK, Is on Your Side

Being harmed in a crash can be frustrating. When you leave home, you do not expect to suffer an injury due to another party’s negligence.

In order to prove negligence, Alaska personal injury attorneys have to demonstrate that the defendant:

  • Owed a duty of care to the plaintiff
  • Breached that duty by acting or failing to act in a certain way
  • Defendant’s actions or failure to act in a certain way caused injuries to the plaintiff
  • The plaintiff was harmed as a result of the defendant’s actions

For example, in motor vehicle accidents, the driver who causes a car crash due to not obeying traffic laws can be sued by the victims for damages they have suffered.

Regretfully, accidents cause more damage than just physical injuries. Numerous victims of personal injuries experience monetary difficulties due to missing out from work and the medical expenses incurred as a result of the injuries.

Personal injury lawyers can assist victims to recover compensation for their problems, as well as relieve the anxiety of handling insurance claims. Hiring an injury attorney to handle your personal injury claim has countless advantages.

Our Alaska personal injury lawyers have your best interests at heart. Let us help you navigate this legal process and go through the difficult situation you have found yourself in.


Why Do You Need an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney in Anchorage, Alaska

The procedure of obtaining compensation for an injury is not straightforward and can be specifically difficult without professional legal representation.

After an accident or any other type of personal injury case, an insurance company almost always comes into play, especially if someone else is responsible for the injuries the victim has suffered.

Insurance providers will, typically, prefer to pay settlements to the victims in return for their agreement to not pursue lawsuits in court. Also, it’s not uncommon for an insurance defense counsel to try to undermine someone’s case in order to pay less than fair compensation.

There is no minimum amount in injury cases, and many people don’t know they have the right to reject a settlement offer, especially if they feel it can’t cover the expenses they’ve incurred.

It is important to be mindful that if you begin a lawsuit versus a company or any individual and you are unsuccessful in your insurance claim, you may be required to pay for the legal fees for both sides. As you might envision, you can not merely show up to a court and present your case in front of a judge. There are many pre-trial legal matters that need to be adhered to before the case reaches a courtroom.

Given that the plaintiffs have to prove their cases in court in order to win, retaining the legal services of trusted personal injury attorneys would be the smartest move. It’s essential to find a lawyer with a proven record in obtaining settlements or winning these types of trial cases.


What Types of Personal Injury Cases Does an Anchorage Personal Injury Attorney Handle?

Personal injury is an extremely broad field of legislation that consists of different types of injuries. In addition to auto accidents, medical malpractice, slip and fall, product liability, and wrongful death cases are particularly common in the U.S.

Aviation crashes, construction injuries, and maritime matters are also types of cases Alaska personal injury lawyers may handle.

Although sometimes, especially in wrongful death cases, no amount of financial recovery can undo what happened, the claim can secure the compensation you need so you can concentrate on healing and recovering from the auto accident.

If you or your loved one have been injured in a car accident or because of someone else’s negligent actions, reach out to our Anchorage office. The founding attorney of the Alaska Accident and Injury Law Center of the Brown Law Firm, LLC, Sean Brown, has created a number of strategies to help his clients. Each individual case is different, but we are well-versed in personal injury law and work hard to provide our clients the compensation they deserve. With millions of dollars collected on behalf of injured people, our legal team has a proven track record of success.


What Compensation Can I Recover for a Personal Injury Case

A lot of personal injury case settlement amounts range from $2,000-$3,000 to several thousand dollars. Although some injured victims receive much more money, cases like that are the exception. The majority of situations cause four-figure as well as five-figure settlements. Each accident case is unique. It’s important not to assume what you might obtain for a settlement based on what other individuals got.

There are many different elements that are considered in each case. Although looking at typical settlements can be useful, it is very important not to assume that your case would end in the same way. You may get the maximum compensation but also less than fair compensation for your case.

Please contact Alaska Accident and Injury Law Center immediately so we can discuss your options. Our personal injury law firm will handle insurance companies and other parties of the claim in order to reimburse you for your medical bills and lost wages. We will also handle your property damage claim resulting from your accident. Our Anchorage personal injury lawyers will work diligently in order to resolve your claim efficiently.